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"The quality of the smoked caviar at River & Glen is superb. Just the right amount of salt, smoke and fresh pop to the berries. What really excites me about this company is their passion and creativity they bring to all of their products."Martin Hamman - Executive Chef, The Four Seasons Hotel, Philadelphia
" We are delighted to have found a local company that specializes in unique, high quality products. They continually put quality and service first. Their Wild Smoked Steelhead Caviars, which they make by hand in Bucks County are superb! Excellent smokiness to the berries with a wonderful pop."

Pierre Calmels - Executive Chef, Le Bec Fin, Philadelphia
"The relationship between DiBruno Bros and River & Glen has proven to be more than a client / vendor relationship. James and the entire staff at River & Glen have proven to be committed to serving the best interest of DiBruno Bros and their customers time and time again. The products that they bring to us are outstanding especially The River & Glen Smoked Salmon - it is one of the best smoked salmons available on the market today. Our relationship with River & Glen is a partnership that I am very proud of."      – Bill Mignucci, President, DiBruno Bros, Philadelphia

"River and Glen is unquestionably the source for pristine and meticulous gems such as smoked wild steelhead roe. Their artisan approach to the craft shines through and opens the door for my team and me to charter our guests on continual adventures."Matthew Levin, Executive Chef, Lacroix, Philadelphia

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